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Police Brutality

Police Brutality Is a Serious Issue in New York City: If You Have Been the Victim of Police Misconduct, Attorney Richard C. Bell Can Help you Seek the Compensation You’re Entitled To

Police Brutality BrooklynThe NYPD is sworn to protect and serve the citizens of New York City, but what happens when an arresting officer’s actions have the opposite affect? In cases of police brutality, New York City police officers have not only broken their oath, they’ve also broken the law. Victims of police brutality can suffer life altering injuries as a direct result of misconduct. In some cases these injuries can even claim lives. Richard C. Bell is an experienced New York City personal injury attorney. He will help you obtain the type of compensation you deserve for your police brutality claims.*

Civil Rights are of the Utmost Importance to Attorney Bell and He Will Fight for Your Rights in the Courtroom

Police brutality cases in New York City are often associated with racial profiling and discrimination based on ethnicity, religion or social status. There has also been a spike in police brutality related to the treatment of protestors. These are issues that Richard C. Bell takes to heart. Attorney Bell has been recognized by the media for his work in the courtroom and as a legal analyst nationally, but he is also well known for his efforts in the community. He has been fighting for civil rights, such as voting rights, pro bono for many years.  He has even written a book on the subject, Voting – The Ultimate Act of Resistance (The Real Truth From The Voting Rights Battlefields).

Police officers are armed with weapons in order to fight crime, but abuse of their authority can mean those weapons are used to inflict injuries on the innocent.  Punches or kicks by police officers to defenseless, handcuffed persons are also examples of police brutality.  If a member of the NYPD has used excessive force on you, you are entitled to compensation for your suffering. Victims of police brutality suffer:

  • Severe Physical Injuries
  • Death

In cases of police brutality, evidence is often time sensitive and vital to the outcome of your case. If you have been the victim of police brutality in New York City, obtaining legal representation immediately may increase your chances of receiving the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.* Please call Richard C. Bell today at 877.CALL.LAW (225-5529) or call 212.714.0988 to learn more about your potential case.

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